Friday, July 30, 2021

2021 Tully Trail Virtual Run

 Dear Runners,

This year Tully Trail run is available in the virtual format.

Please stand by for the course .gpx files*.

Starting August 1 & ending September 18, time yourself running or hiking the complete Tully Trail loop(in either direction) & 'share' your track with Strava's "Tully Trail Run"(complete instructions below**) or send your full name, time & a screenshot or a .gpx file of the activity to

Your time will be added to list of all those who completed the course in this time period.

The Rules:

 - You must complete the ENTIRE course(with very few accepted deviations*) on foot & otherwise mechanically unaided. Pacers are allowed through the entire run.

 - You must have THREE or fewer aid stations/drops available during the run. Crewed support is allowed. Muling(having others carry your water, gear or supplies) is NOT allowed.

- You must observe established trail etiquette, respect private property boundaries & all traffic laws.


* Exact trail description is to be posted shortly. Maps are available at USACE Tully Lake landing kiosk.

** Step 1: Add Tully Trail Run as a friend on Strava; Step 2: Run Tully Trail; Step 3: Add Tully Trail Run as an activity partner for your run.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Standby For 2021 Tully Trail Run Format & Dates!


There's been a discussion on hosting the Run this year. The early thought is to host an in-person Run in September. There would be a virtual option in the weeks preceding the Run with the deadline being the real Run.


So far, the virtual is likely to start in June or July, with results self-reported to


Stan's Tully-Pisgah Double is dependent on the status of Pisgah mountain Races.

The Team