Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016 TTR Date:


The 2016 running of the trail will be held on September 25!

Spots are sill available in the 2016 Run.

Please visit the Run Details page of our blog for information on how to register.

VOLUNTEERING: If you are coming with a runner please consider volunteering. In the past, TTR has been marked, hosted & swept by 1-5 individuals. WE APPRECIATE ANY HELP we can get! Helping may involve staffing an aid station, checking runners at a road crossing or a water drop & timing.

NEEDED TRAIL MAINTENANCE: There are plans for at least one weekend of trail maintenance. Jacob's Hill(power lines section) has overgrown & needs to be trimmed back for the run!

Please email us with any suggestions on when you can help!

Happy trails!!

TTR Team